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At Prosper, our goal is to make the construction industry a better place by bringing quality contractors and developers together with diligent subcontractors. An environment where everyone prospers.

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A Network of Developers, Main Contractors and Live Projects

When you join Prosper, we put you forward for exclusive project opportunities. The projects come through our sister company, C-Link. C-Link provides procurement software to SME Developers and Main Contractors.

We work closely with these Developers and Main Contractors and they use C-Link to identify quality subcontractors for each trade package. We connect these opportunities and enquiries with our exclusive network of Prosper members.

You only Pay when you Win

For any business relationship to work, it needs to be win-win. At Prosper, we live by that motto.

There’s no fee to joining. You only pay us when you win a project through Prosper. You win the project, we win.

This whole philosophy means we're only interested in putting forward quality subcontractors suitable for the project in question. It also means we only put you forward for projects that you have a chance of winning.

98% of subcontractors won't cut it at Prosper

In order for us all to prosper, we ensure that the subcontractors and trades working alongside you are of the high standards by which you measure yourself.

We don't just let any subcontractor pay an entry fee and join. Only the most professional businesses make the cut.

Genuine business development and commercial support

Whilst it's essential to bring you quality business opportunities, we don't think that's sufficient to help you fully prosper. We work closely with our subcontractors to build relationships and gain a better understanding of your business.

That includes commercial and contract support in the form of template documents created by experienced Quantity Surveyors. It also includes presentation documents and marketing materials that present you in the best possible light when tendering for new projects.

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