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Where do the projects come from?

Projects come through our sister company, C-Link. C-Link provides procurement software for SME Developers and Main Contractors.

C-Link work closely with these Developers and Main Contractors, who then work with our team to identify quality subcontractors for each trade package.

These opportunities are exclusive to Prosper because they come via C-Link. These are clients that want to find efficiencies and savings by working smarter. They understand that they make more money by working with subcontractors who present the most effective solutions and deliver on time and budget.

The Projects

Purley Rise Project

Purley Rise

Purley Rise Project

Chertsey Road, Woking

Purley Rise Project

Upper Tooting Road

Once all documents are in place, a project like the examples above is published on C-Link and notification is sent to relevant subcontractors in our Prospect network. If it's a project that you're interested in, you simply register your interest with the click of a button. Shortly after, you'll receive the tender enquiry directly from the main contractor or developer, and you manage the tender process as you would with any other project. We can also support you with marketing materials to boost your chances of winning projects, and commercial support to ensure you have the correct documentation in place to manage the project and remain robust in a contractual sense.

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We have a proven track record of connecting our subcontractors with project opportunities. If you're looking to grow your business, connect with new opportunities and pay absolutely nothing unless you win a project, join us.

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