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Exclusive projects and relationships

Our sister company, C-Link, provide procurement software for SME developers and main contractors.

The developers and main contractors use C-Link and Prosper to identify a small number of subcontractors to tender for each trade package, working with us to find businesses that fit their criteria.

Marketing Support

"Never judge a book by its cover" is bad advice. Everyone judges a book by its cover.

Prosper offer members beautiful brochures and tender return templates that ensure you give yourself the best possible opportunity to win the project that you've worked so hard to bring in during the tender phase.

Commercial Support

Effective project and commercial management ensure that you earn the profit you allowed for at the start.

With our suite of commercial documents, you can keep your business commercially and contractually robust to ensure that come the end of the project, you get paid on time and in full.

A small pool of subcontractors

Our clients don't want us to put forward dozens of subcontractors to tender for projects and neither do we.

At Prosper you'll be among the very best subcontractors in each field. Only the top 2% of subcontractors in the UK are a good fit for Prosper and our clients.

But, best doesn't mean biggest. We have different categories of subcontractors. Smaller developers don't necessarily want to work with large subcontractors, and large projects may be best suited to large subcontractors. So, whilst we focus on bringing in top performing subcontractors, that doesn't exclude subcontractors with less that £1m in revenue.

Only pay when you win

We connect you with project opportunities. We'll support you with business development and introductions to tender.

If you win the project, you pay us a small percentage on the project value, with payments staggered through the project lifecycle. If you don't win the tender, you pay us nothing. No joining fee, no membership fee, no hidden costs.

Grow your business, starting today

We have a proven track record of connecting our subcontractors with project opportunities. If you're looking to grow your business, connect with new opportunities and pay absolutely nothing unless you win a project, join us.

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