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Construction relationships are similar to your marriage

Posted by Liam Curley on 28 December 2018

The relationships that we have in life are essentially the same. Whether it is a relationship with your client, your employee, your spouse, your higher power, your environment, your siblings, your child, your friend and yourself, the ways in which we can succeed in these relationships are all the same, these are the common threads.

The only person we can look to, to create and grow these relationships, to the level of outstanding and extraordinary, is ourselves. If you are in any kind of relationship and it isn’t great, it’s just ok, then ask yourself, “what am I not doing?”

The answers:

  1. We must learn to be givers. The more we give, the more we receive.
  2. Be grateful, real wealth in life comes when we are truly grateful.
  3. Appreciate people, don’t expect. When we exchange expectation for appreciation the quality of our emotions around our relationships will change and the relationship will change.
  4. FOWTW. Find Out What They Want! Listen, really listen, be present.
  5. GAGI. Go And Get It. Fulfil their needs, if you were really listening then you will know their real needs, not just their wants, that’s different.
  6. GITT. Give It To Them. Light them up!

There may not be an immediate result if you do all this, there will be “lag time” like trying to change direction in an ocean-going container ship.

Do you think that if you got really good at this you would ever lose a client, an employee, a spouse? No, of course not.

“Anything that is worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. Ask – listen – reinvent.” Keith J Cunningham (businessman and teacher).

Keep at it until you become a master. The source of all value is people.

This article was written by Jason Tiller from Redwood Coaching & Building People

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